Young people's forum

Young people's forum

Conditions of use

We hope you find the Forum helpful and a good way to talk to others who have had similar experiences. Someone at Nelson’s Journey will read all the posts before they are put onto the Forum. If your post isn’t put on the Forum or is edited before being put on, we will get in contact with you to explain why. Please keep to the following guidelines:

Talk Safe

T Tell an adult or your friends if you find something disturbing. Save it, print it off, tell us and tell someone else.
A Arranging to meet someone you've met on the net is dangerous. Don't do it. Or take an adult with you to a public place.
L Look out - people on line may not be who they say they are.
K Keep hold of your personal information - this includes your name, email address, home address, phone numbers - any info about yourself - don't share it.
S Swearing is not allowed - no bad language and that includes sex talk, cyber-fighting, racist or other abusive language.
A Asking for anyone else's personal information isn't allowed either.
F Files and attachments shouldn't be downloaded unless you know and trust the person who's sent it.
E Editing out anything that may cause distress to other people is the role of our Web Moderator - if you see this symbol {*****} it means that something has been changed or cut.

For more information about keeping safe on the internet please visit
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